Off-grid GPS

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What is it?

Off-Grid GPS is a simple, straight line navigation app that tells you where places are in relation to where you are now. It lists your places in order of distance and colour codes them so that it is easy to tell at a glance whether you are getting closer or further away. Choose your places from a map or use search to find places by name. You can also add them directly if you already know the GPS coordinates. Once your places have been set you no longer need internet or cell access. Off-Grid GPS can work in airplane/flight mode using only a GPS signal - perfect for trekkers, sailors, travellers, pilots and adventurers.

What is it for?

Use it on a bus, boat, train or plane to figure out how much longer it will take you to get to your destination. Use it while trekking to mark locations, plan your route, see how far you've come (both horizontally and vertically) and find your way back. Use it for geocaching. Use it to figure out how much further you have to walk to get to a post office. Use it to figure out whether the rickshaw driver is taking you to the hotel you asked him to take you to or the one his brother opened with the same name.
Off-grid GPS comes pre-loaded with a number of places of interest. Delete them to make way for your own or visit them to see if they are of interest to you.

Watch it in action

Android Screenshots

Android 1.3 Navigation
Android 1.3 Map
Android 1.3 Map Search

Windows Phone Screenshots

Satellite map of the Mekong
Budapest Bamako navigation
Post offices in central New Delhi


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